Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Place

Shabby Chic pillowcases. Too bad they closed before I was able to make it to their sale.

So it's been about 3 months now, but I've moved! From a fancy schmancy condo with no furniture to a cozy little typical San Francisco studio. Still with no furniture. But what it does have is everything in white wood, molding around the floors and ceilings, a little glass-doored cabinet for my very small (but recently grown) vintage Pyrex collection, and hardwood floors. AND an ironing board that folds out of a long + skinny cabinet door! That was the coolest discovery ever. I keep forgetting to get a new cover for it, though, so I've been ironing on a horrible little one on the floor, which I also realized needed a new pad and cover after I started pressing metal grid patterns onto my cloth.

Ah, all the renter's renovations I would do if I had a bunch of extra money! Replace the cabinet knobs with glass ones (I need about 20; so at 4$ apiece, Anthropologie is not a good idea), line my closet with oriental rugs, get a bunch of table lamps, change the blinds to shades...that I keep promising myself I will get around to making. Oh, and furniture. Like a bed. I can't believe I almost forgot. Sometimes I don't feel like this place is home yet, which is a little sad since it's where I live, but I suppose once I get the boxes out of here (yes, I am still living among boxes) and clean up a bit... and I feel like lighting makes such a difference, but nice lamps don't come cheap! Though I guess nice lighting can come from ugly lamps as well, but I don't want to accumulate things that I'm not going to want to keep in the long term. Off to Apartment Therapy to see what ideas they have for me...