Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toys in Monochrome

Still lifes done in class: the assignment was to draw objects all of the same color (there was a study in yellow, too, but I don't like that one as much). The teacher usually sets these up, but today she was late and some students (all full-grown adults, mind you) set it up themselves and started fighting over the same objects, trying to set them up in their own little corners to draw! I guess high school never ends.

I like the frog drawing the best. His belly was a challenge because it's a lighter color than the rest of his body...but it was in the that had me a little unsure of what color to make it. But when I figured it out (and I'm sure there's more than one way to get the same effect) I was surprised that it was this grape color that did the trick.

Oh, and new-found old love: Nu-Pastels. They're hard enough for detail work, because sometimes you need a good sharp edge to keep your drawing in control; but soft enough to play nicely with Unisons and Senneliers. Hey, if they're good enough for Wayne Thiebaud, they're good enough for me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A watermelon surprise

Watermelon closeups in pastel on toned paper.

Remember Jolly Ranchers (or do they still exist)? I used to love those things. Not sure when it happened, but now, the idea of all those mysterious flavor and color additives sounds kind of gross; that's why red velvet cupcakes freak me out--WHAT is the point of all that red food dye?


I appreciate the cream cheese frosting. I just don't understand why the cake needs to be red; it's not like it makes it look yummier. I mean I read in some recipe that you need like a quarter cup or something of dye. Dye. Scary. And isn't red the one food coloring that can make kids crazy or something? Sorry. I seem to feel quite strongly against red velvets, and somewhere many people are thinking me a heathen. But probably not right now at 3 in the morning. Good night!